PRR Postcards
Postcards have always been inexpensive ways to send short messages by mail. Picture postcards come in many forms, but most of these pre-date the "chrome" era. Click on images for a larger view.

Jack's Narrows
Jack's Narrows, Pa.
Dauphin Narrows
Dauphin, Pa.
Rockville Bridge
Rockville, Pa.
Rockville Bridge
Rockville, Pa.
Horseshoe Curve
Horseshoe Curve, Pa.
Shippensburg, Pa.
Broad Street Station
Philadelphia, Pa.
Connecting Railway Bridge
Philadelphia, Pa.
Hudson River Tunnels
New York, N.Y.
Pennsylvania Station
New York Penn Station
Pittsburgh North Side
Pittsburgh, Pa.
Richmond, Ind.
Summerhill, Pa.
USO lounges
U.S.O. Lounges
Baltimore Union Station
Baltimore, Md.
Fort Wayne
Fort Wayne, Ind.

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